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shoutout from france

hello from le havre france....this pic below is from antwerp (but it fits my sordid scary smile feeling of life these days)...i hope everyone is doing well and i am trying to atleast read the newest entry of your diaries.


big hugs to everyone. you know who you are and what you've helped me with. i will get thru this somehow, and it will not be without your kindness. oh, ok, bigger hugs.

below are some random pics from cities i've seen this summer. i hope you enjoy.

the big dark one.

Le Havre tag5
le havre, france

my hotel in paris, france. it is the top of a long, street of markets and shops.

prayers of many
prayers in notre-dame

steph looking cute, erika ignoring me
steph looking cute, erika ignoring me in the paris train station

ugly hide
hiding my ugly face.

shots galore
girls drinking in antwerp.

street performer
streetperformer in sopot, poland

nude bathing in sopot, poland

Europe 2005 - 0292
urban art in st. petersburg, russia

Europe 2005 - 0031
russians don't use their hands if they can use their dogs. : )

asterix in bergen, norway

gdansk, poland - lots of skins

street performer9
streetperformers in gdansk, poland

out for a walk
me walking around st. petersburg, russia

Nutshell 025_2
big goddamn waterfall in norway

abby showing off
abby at the blue lagoon, iceland

TAS crew
the teacher crew

if you'd like more pics, just go flickr.com and i have EVERYTHING posted from halifax, canada to le havre, france. and dublin and bilboa are yet to come. ENJOY! have a great summer.

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